Stories Behind The Buckeye State
Saturday September 30th 2023

Tightening Our Focus

from Flickr user Darrren Hester

First of all I would like to thank everyone that wants to help out with Historic Ohio already! I was kind of surprised at the amount of interest but if that’s any sign of things to come then we’re in for a great ride! Don’t despair though, we still have plenty of room for you too if you want to help out!

Our Focus:

As we’re taking shape we have to figureĀ  out exactly what our focus is going to be. Right now we are strongly focusing on places which have rich history or are historical significant to the state either because of their architecture, the role they served, or a specific event which happened there. To a lesser extent will we also focus on the people who were involved with these locations, whether it be architects, property owners, politicians etc. We will likely weave a few ghost stories in here and there because let’s face it; most storied all buildings have a few dusty specters hanging around in their attic and they are always fun to read about.

We Need a Name:

While we are at this moment Historic Ohio, is that the best name for us? I’m looking into purchasing a domain for us so we can grow a little bit more but before we do that we have to settle on our identity. Get your thinking caps on because I’m going to hold a little contest for the best name! Look for details coming soon, possibly later today!

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