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Monday May 29th 2023

We Need a Name – Contest!

from Flickr user Giant Geckgo

Is a website by any other name as sweet? Sure it is! Historic Ohio needs to end our identity crises and declare an official name. So to do that we’re turning to you! Do you like our name or can you think of a better one? If you can think of a better one there might just be a prize in it for you! Here’s how to play:

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Log in
  3. Post your suggestion for our name as a comment to this story

Here’s what’s up for grabs

  • Third place will receive one “Something” from the Something Store
  • Second place will receive a ten dollar Itunes gift card (or other online music store of their choice)
  • First place will have lunch with me at some place historic in Columbus and I promise it won’t be Mc Donalds!

Anyone can play, so get your suggestions in! The deadline for entries will be Sunday, June 27th 2010. You could potentially win multiple entries. The winner will be announced July 1st!

Tightening Our Focus

from Flickr user Darrren Hester

First of all I would like to thank everyone that wants to help out with Historic Ohio already! I was kind of surprised at the amount of interest but if that’s any sign of things to come then we’re in for a great ride! Don’t despair though, we still have plenty of room for you too if you want to help out!

Our Focus:

As we’re taking shape we have to figure  out exactly what our focus is going to be. Right now we are strongly focusing on places which have rich history or are historical significant to the state either because of their architecture, the role they served, or a specific event which happened there. To a lesser extent will we also focus on the people who were involved with these locations, whether it be architects, property owners, politicians etc. We will likely weave a few ghost stories in here and there because let’s face it; most storied all buildings have a few dusty specters hanging around in their attic and they are always fun to read about.

We Need a Name:

While we are at this moment Historic Ohio, is that the best name for us? I’m looking into purchasing a domain for us so we can grow a little bit more but before we do that we have to settle on our identity. Get your thinking caps on because I’m going to hold a little contest for the best name! Look for details coming soon, possibly later today!

We’re hiring… sort of.

Do you enjoy history, architecture, and photography? Do you also enjoy not getting paid for your work? Then Historic Ohio is for you! We’re looking for creative people to help run our site, come up with story ideas, and pen the articles. Historic Ohio is not a job, it’s hobby. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Historic Ohio authors should have a genuine interest in the history, the people, and the places that shaped Ohio. Extensive knowledge of history and architecture not necessary, the main goal of this project is to learn. Authors should possess competent writing skills and understand the difference between there, their, and they’re. Authors should have a knack for story telling and be able to weave engaging factual tales together rather than just spitting out facts to our readers. Visiting locations you write about isn’t a requirement but preferred when possible.

  • Previous writing experience a plus but not necessary
  • Willing to write a minimum of one article a month
  • Ability to do research, Wikipedia should not be your sole source
  • Competency with Microsoft Word and or the ability to use WordPress
  • A sense of humor a definite plus
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with other Historic Ohio staff
  • Owning a decent digital camera not a requirement but will earn you brownie points*

*Brownie points are not redeemable towards actual warm, delicious, brownie desserts.

We are looking for one to two editors for Historic Ohio. Editors are welcome to author articles for the site but it is not a requirement by any means. Your primary goal is to be a typo seeking missile and destroy poor grammar and misspellings. My writing alone could keep you busy for days, plan accordingly.

  • Plan to set aside around one to two hours a week for editing
  • Must be able to communicate with other staff
  • Must check the site/email with some frequency
  • Must know or be willing to learn WordPress interface
  • Red pen optional. Please do not mark on your monitor. We will not reimburse you.

We are desperately interested in people who know how to research! I’m talking in depth, mind blowing, finding photographs of George Washington putting his wooden teeth in kind of nitty gritty research.  This is probably the hardest and most time consuming job at Historic Ohio so it has to be something you enjoy doing. You should know how to help us find old records, general information, news articles, historic photographs, etc. Researchers are welcome to write their own articles and will help authors with their research.

  • Should probably have a valid library card
  • Be able to read
  • Ownership of a 1981 DeLorean with flux capacitor a plus
  • Be willing to spend stupid amounts of time at a library
  • Knowledge of how to properly cite sources
  • Be willing to work for coffee

Site Liaison:
Historic Ohio needs a well organized, people person with lots of spunk. This position will include greasing the gears, feeding the hamster, and other boring and repetitive tasks. Primary objects of the Lesion will include communicating with members of the staff to coordinate projects and deadlines, scouting locations and contacting site owners for shooting approval, and lastly answering email from users.

  • Should have excellent time management skills
  • Detailed knowledge on use of post-it notes
  • Be willing to call random people for random things
  • Know how to curse in several foreign languages
  • Check email frequently
  • Put up with me and my insane demands

Alright, so I know that sounds like a lot of work and that’s probably because it is. I think it’s going to be a great experience and a lot of fun for those involved. I have a lot of big ideas for us and I think with the help of a few creative and driven people we could make this site into something really amazing. At the minimum you’ll probably get to travel to some really interesting places in the state and drink a lot of coffee with me. At maximum… well who knows? The sky’s the limit. Maybe this will end up being a paying gig and you’ll be knighted… by the governor? Anythings possible! Right?

If you have interest in any of the jobs above, send me an email at Include what position you are interested in, a blurb about yourself and why you’re interested, and contact information so I can spam, er get in contact with you.

Hello world!

Front steps of the Ohio State House looking at the Huntington Center

Welcome! I’m not entirely sure how you found us. At the time of penning this I haven’t really gotten the site up and running just yet. I’m not entirely sure what  the site will be about or what it’s final name will end up being. As of this moment we’re Historic Ohio and we welcome you!

I have admired sites like Forgotten Ohio and Buildings of Detroit for a long time. I’ve recently developed a new passion for photography and for amazing architecture. I want to learn more about the people and places that have shaped Columbus and Ohio and most of all I wish to share what I learn here with you.

So by all means drop us a line to tell us what you are interested in. What is it you want to see? What places capture your imagination?

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