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Monday July 23rd 2018

Archeolgist discovers what could be world’s largest serpent mound

The Sunwatch Village seen above shows how the Fort Ancient culture who built the mound lived

University of Cincinnati professor Ken Tankersley announced Monday that he may have found the world’s largest serpent mound in the Cincinnati suburb of Mariemont. The mound borders the Little Miami river and Miami Bluff Drive running for just a little over half a mile. The mound was built by the Fort Ancient culture which thrived in Ohio from 1000 CE 1750 CE.

Be sure to check out the link to the Cinicinatti Enquirer below for some interesting reading on the subject. Special thanks to our reader Alissa for sending us this story.


See It For Yourself:

Center map
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Cincinnati Enquirer– “Mariemont serpent mound could be world’s largest

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