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Monday May 29th 2023 Is Official!

Some good news and some bad news to share with you. The bad news is we had no takers in our naming contest, unless you count that fact that Julia, one of our staff writers commented that she liked our current name. No matter, the name sticks and we’ve got our own domain up and running now at Julia, are you technically the first place winner and I owe you lunch now?

Now that we have that out of the way I would like to officially introduce our staff to our crack staff. When I say crack, I mean they are the best. Really.

Brian Boylan – Author & Editor

Brian is a very gifted and knowledgeable fellow. He is considered a literary giant by his peers, most likely because of his trademark 36 inch platform shoes. He is an English major currently working on his doctorate as well as taking time out to teach. Brian will be writing general articles for us as well as special posts on haunting’s of Ohio. Contact him at

Carrie. – Editor

Strangely enough Carrie’s. name actually is Carrie. (pronounced Period) . She is an avid reader and enjoys poetry, drawing and photography. In her free time she stalks NHL Bluejacket’s player Mike Commodore and builds Rube Goldberg devices. She is very adept with a red marker and does an excellent job of  making us look like we have a writing level beyond first grade. Contact her at

Julia – Author,
& Researcher

Julia is our resident jack of all trades. She will be writing articles for the site, joining us on scouting trips, and of course taking pictures. In her free time she enjoys luring defenseless puppies into her lair and baking them into cakes. Wait, maybe that was “and” baking cakes. Eh, no matter.  Contact her at

Lauren DeVoe – Author,

Often found under a stack of dusty books when at home or at work, Lauren DeVoe has been labeled eccentric by her friends and peers. This simply isn’t the case; psychotic would be much more applicable. Lauren will be helping out with research as well as writing articles. Lauren will have her own as yet unnamed feature about oddities of Ohio. In her free time she enjoys howling at the moon. Contact her at

Well that’s all the news that’s fit to print for today! If you are interested we still have positions available and would love to have you on board!

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